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Gretsch G5566 JET Double Neck Review

Gretsch G5566 JET Double neck review

This is a good guitar for everything, any style can be pulled off with it. Electromatic body style, but doubleneck with both necks surprisingly thin.


2004 Chinese Made Gretsch G5566. Each neck has 22 frets, the regular neck having a 24.75″ scale and the Baritone neck a 29.75″ scale. Baritone neck slightly wider than regular as expected, both necks surprisingly thin. Maple top, solid body (wood unknown), Rosewood fretboards. Electromatic body style, but doubleneck. Bigsby on each neck. Tune-o-matic bridges on both necks. Passive pickups. Controls are as follows:

  • Selector Switch (Baritone/Regular)
  • Selector Switch (Baritone neck/ Baritone bridge)
  • Selector Switch (Regular neck/Regular bridge)
  • Single master volume
  • Single master tone // 8
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Sound Gretsch G5566

I play everything from Rock to Metal to Country. It offers everything in a surprisingly versatile guitar. Playing some Jazz, the pickups offer that great Gretsch tone. But turn on some crunch and you can play anything, from Nirvana to Soundgarden to Led Zeppelin. Extremely versatile. Playing through a B-52 LS412/LS100. The Baritone neck offers a completely different sound, with a creamy tone that’s truly unbeatable.

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Action, Fit & Finish

Bought it used, so consider all of this as secondhand from the factory. Action on the Regular was a bit too low, action on the Baritone was very high, but due to the lack of tension, bends and chording were very easy. The pickups were perfectly adjusted. Top and bridge were immaculate. The finish was starting to crack between the neck as is commonplace with doublenecks. Guitar Center put a 2-inch chip around the toggle switch for the Baritone neck, slightly noticeable, but rather large. With a little polish the hardware was good as new. Vol/tone knobs were slightly sidewats but easily fixed. Good overall.

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Reliability & Durability

It is VERY good live, however extremely heavy (15-20 lbs). Hardware is known to be durable, and so far has shown this. Strap buttons are Gretsch straplocks, with a screw coming out of the top and a screw-on lock that goes over the strap. I can take off the strap with the locks on, but it takes some effort. The strap cannot be put on with the straplocks on. I would definitely use it without a backup if I were playing songs that only needed it, I depend on it very much. The finish is rather thin but durable. It needs to take a beating to crack like mine.

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This is a good guitar for everything. Any style can be pulled off with it. I have been playing for 3 years. I own a Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Les Paul studio, a B-52 LS412/LS100, and now this. I have owned many Epiphones in my day. If stolen or lost, I would get another immediately. My favorite feature is the Bigsbys. I wish it had locking tuners, however, and straplocks that were wider than the hole on my strap. Overall superb.

10 Total Score

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