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Best 5 String Bass Guitars Yamaha

Best 5 String Bass Guitars Yamaha

Below are the current models of Yamaha 5 string bass guitars we have reviews on. Please click on any link to see an expanded review of the model Yamaha 5 string bass you wish read more about.

Yamaha TRB1005

The Yamaha TRB1005 5-String Electric Bass is made of beautiful alder and maple wood and features a solid brass bridge with a rosewood fingerboard. This five- string bass features a scale length of 35 inches, a neck width of three inches, and 24 frets down the bass’s beautiful frame. The elegant look of this instrument shines through with a smooth, light quality reflected throughout the the design. With 2 alnico-magnet humbuckers to serve as pickups that prevent annoying static and noise that can be found in many other models, this guitar is meant for all levels of musicians. The 3-band EQ and pan offer a wide variety of bass sounds into the lowest registers without any distortion of the sound. This bass can do everything from growl at the lowest ends of its technical capabilities to sing as a sweet complement to other instruments.

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The Yamaha TRB1005 5-String Electric Bass is a reliable bass that won’t have many electrical problems. Further, if it dies, the batteries can be easily replaced in less than a minute. Technically proficient and aesthetically beautiful it offers a fantastic playing experience from Yamaha’s top line, TRB.

The TRB series offers the best quality for the price and comes highly recommended from many long time owners, suggesting it not only live performances but also for the best quality in recordings.

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Yamaha RBX375

Perhaps the most distinctive features of the Yamaha RBX375 5 String Bass Guitar are the combination of a fantastic, attention- commanding design mixed with a massive low- end capability that allows this bass to rock in both look and sound at a low, extremely affordable price. The ergonomic design makes this bass not only distinctive looking but a comfortable fit for many musicians.

The bass features bolt- on construction that comes together for a scale length of 34 inches. The bass is made from an alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. It features a radius of 23 5/8 inches (600 mm) and a standard set of 24 frets. The bass can be bought in black, flat silver, and metallic red.

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On the sound side, this instrument has two humbucking pickups to cancel out unwanted noise and humming. It further features controls that allow you to master the bass’s total volume, pan-pot, and 2-band EQ sound. Overall, the sound from the Yamaha RBX375 5-String Bass Guitar can be described as clear and bright with a tonal range that puts many other bass’s in its class to shame, making this bass, while not the most expensive one in the world, a fantastic value for the money put into it.

Because this bass is backed by Yamaha’s Limited Lifetime warranty, it can take a bit of beating and still provide great value for many years to come.

Though this guitar can be used in the rehearsal hall or just for jamming out, with its design and its fantastic sound, this is a machine built for the stage and is a comfortable and pliable addition to any bass player’s collection of instruments.

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